Hi guys, Funky Head here, AKA Sam. I’m proud to present your new favorite blog. For any lovers of fashion, fitness, and food your journey to Mecca has finally come to an end!

Let’s rewind a bit…

I’ve always loved to write, take pictures, and model so naturally I’ve had a few different blogs over the years. Unfortunately my blogs were quite scattered, making it hard to post regularly. What really motivated me to finally make a new one was being shared on Instagram pages and websites such as @mondayswimwear,  abikiniaday.com, and missguided.com. Looking up to others who inspire me and having them repost things I’ve done and reach out personally to tell me how much they love my work really meant a lot. It became obvious that I should stop daydreaming about what I want to do with my life and just do it (no, that was not intended to promote Nike, but I do agree with their slogan).


Now that you’re up to speed, let me tell you about my blog.

I decided to start from scratch and organize my work and thoughts in a way that would interest others. So I settled on another blog (shocker) and decided a lifestyle theme would best fit all that I would want to include. My life pretty much revolves around fashion, fitness, and food  so those will be included in the different sections of my blog. It’s really a journal of sorts, where I share fitness routines, favorite recipes, outfit inspiration, and photo shoots I’ve done.


Dear Funky

Another section I decided to include is called Dear Funky, which is where you can get personalized advice from yours truly on life, love, and anything else you need guidance on. I tend to be the mom in my group of friends and being the team mom means giving advice where it’s needed, so I thought, why not extend the offer to others. I think it’s important for people, women especially, to help each other through experiences, good and bad, and grow and learn from them together.
Since I am known as Funky Head on all social media platforms, I decided this would be the mother ship of my many different facets, hence the name –Funky Head. So for anyone who shares interest in the three F’s that make up my life, you’ve come to the right place. Now get scrolling through my beautiful new blog; written and coded by the super talented Felipe Ramirez.
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For those of you that don’t know, I’m also on Instagram as @thee_funky_head and @the_funky_photos; on Twitter as @thee_funky_head; and on Poshmark as @thee_funky_head. Give me a shout out!
xx Funky Head