Sep 6, 2018


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This Labor Day Weekend was definitely one for the books! Nick and I were invited by our bestie couple Lily & Mack to spend the weekend in Saratoga.

Lily & Mack got tickets to go to the races and we were more than happy to join them.

When we hangout with them it feels like we’re on an adult playdate and that the world is our oyster… well in this case it was Saratoga Springs, New York.

Now I’m not sure if you know this already, but Lily and I are known to be a bit… extra. So naturally we went all out with our ensembles for the day at the race track.

I think it’s safe to say we stood out from the rest of the crowd, but then again would you expect any less from us?

While Lily and I were sipping on our $26 glasses of Moët & Chandon we had the boys placing our bets. Apparently we’re better at drinking champagne than we are at gambling. We did make $26 though so I’d say it was a success.

I guess our betting tactic wasn’t very fool proof – we went for the classic pick your horse based on their name. At least we chose the coolest named horses – The Man Behind The Man, Restless Rider, Up The Ante, Raging Bull, Nonna Madeline.

Even though we didn’t make as much as we expected to, we had an awesome time. It’s probably best we didn’t hit the casino that night though…

Would you take a second and look at all that gingham? I swear at times I felt like Sammy and the gingham gang. I think it’s safe to say we stood out among the crowd.

After taking about 100 pictures at our seats we agreed to cut ourselves off on betting.

We went down to the ground level to watch some races from side of the track. Much more exciting down there, plus we were in the best spot – right where the race starts and ends.

After spending the day at the races I can confidently say I was made for this environment.

When the races came to an end we decided to go back to our hotel to freshen up for a nice fancy feast… with our $26 earnings we deserved it.

We went to a very nice Italian restaurant and even though we couldn’t get in until 10 PM (!) it was most definitely worth the wait. We ate at Chianti (chosen because it’s named after one of my favorite types of wine) and boy did we feast.

We dined on fresh buffalo mozzarella paired with prosciutto, calamari, spaghetti bolognese, risotto, penne arrabiatta, and 45 day dry-aged steak.

Naturally the entire wait staff seemed to enjoy our company, I mean who wouldn’t after we kept our appetites at bay by spending two hours at the bar before sitting down for dinner.

This was definitely a night for the books.

Who knows, maybe Saratoga will be our new tradition for many Labor Days to come…