Mar 27, 2018


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As on instagram, it seems like I’m slowly turning into a food blogger. Naturally I was excited for New York Restaurant Week. One place I went to that really blew me away was Catch NYC. This has always been on my list of places to go, but I wasn’t really sold on the menu’s prices. Definitely on the higher end of the three dollar sign google rating ($$$).

The great thing about restaurant week is there’s set prices agreed upon by all restaurants that decide to participate – $42 for three courses. You really can’t beat that when some restaurants charge $42+ for entrées alone. So if you don’t have the money or just plain don’t feel like dropping $100-$200 on dinner for yourself, then restaurant week is a great opportunity for you.

Now the catch with restaurant week is that the restaurants create a prix-fixe menu to order from. Some people might see this as a downside, but I actually think it’s helpful. The restaurant is choosing their most popular items that they recommend you try.

The only other con I could really think of is that there’s no restaurant week drink menu. And depending on the drink, they can really add up. I feel though that if you’re out to dinner then why not treat yourself, especially if you’re not the type to eat out often.

Since I went with my friend Chrystal we decided to divide and conquer and split the plates we got. To start we went with the Crispy Shrimp and the MRC Roll. They both really blew us away. The crispy shrimp were served in a spicy mayo glaze and garnished with chives. The spicy mayo wasn’t too spicy and it almost had a sweet taste to it. The flavors were perfectly in synch with the texture of the shrimp.

The MRC Roll was made of seared tuna, shrimp, and ponzu butter. They were garnished with some sort of tempura flakes which definitely added to the roll. The ingredients and fish tasted very fresh. Definitely recommend trying this dish.

For the main course I went with the Mushroom Spaghetti which was made with wild mushrooms, sugar snap peas, tomato, and parmesan. I’m not normally a big mushroom person, but the way they were mixed into the dish was very well done. The mushrooms were chopped pretty small and it really heightened the flavor of the dish, complimented even more so by the parmesan cheese.

Chrystal decided to go with the Chicken Lettuce “Cup.” The chicken was served teriyaki style with sautéed zucchini and iceberg lettuce. The chicken was delicious and the zucchini was a nice change to most vegetables I see get served with lettuce wraps like these. It’s also a fun dish to share since you get to make your own.

For dessert I wanted something light and fresh so I chose the sorbet which had one scoop of raspberry and one scoop of pineapple with fresh fruit on the bottom. Chrystal got the plate of assorted cookies, but we decided to have that boxed to take home.

The manager was nice enough to send out a complimentary order of their popular “Hit Me” Chocolate Cake. This masterpiece of a dessert is made up of a liquid Klondike served on top of a brownie, which sits on top of roasted white chocolate ice cream, resting on top of some devil’s food cake. The plating was very chic and there was a square of chocolate that actually said “#hitme” in case we were unsure of how to start eating this tower of deliciousness.

Since I had no idea what it was, Chrystal was kind enough to enlighten me and do the honors of hitting the Klondike, allowing the filling to spill out. This is a serious must if you dine here.

If you missed the winter 2018 restaurant week, you do not have to wait a whole year for it to return. It’s semiannual so there’s another restaurant week in the summer. This is always in July/August. The dates for this year are July 24th – August 18th. Restaurant week isn’t only for dinner, they have lunch menus too for participating restaurants and those are a set price of $29! has its own page dedicated to restaurant week. You can put your email down to get notified when the next one is coming up. They also list all participating restaurants and show their menus.

If you’re looking to try out a new place or just want a fun date idea, I highly recommend checking Catch NYC out.