Nov 28, 2017


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Think I found my new favorite whole in the wall. Old Rose at The Jane Hotel is the cutest Italian restaurant that tucked away in the most precious hotel.

I’m shocked I’ve only just heard of it myself, but this is definitely going to be one of my regular spots now.

The Jane Hotel is a vintage styled hotel (built in the 1908) right on the West Side Highway overlooking the Hudson.

Old Rose is a quaint restaurant serving Italian cuisine with a French ambiance. It’s easy to see how much care has gone into everything. From the art on the walls to the music being played, I give this place a 10 out of 10 for ambiance.

I went during their breakfast/brunch hour, and with a slow start to my day, brunch was the perfect way to actually kick things off.

I went with the Italian breakfast which consists of a soft cooked egg, prosciutto, tomatoes, pickled peppers, and sourdough. It was my first time having that type of egg and it was quite delightful.

My brunch companion for the long weekend, Baby Melly, felt patriotic that day and went with the American breakfast, which had scrambled eggs served on sourdough bread, bacon, crispy smoked potatoes, grapefruit, and yogurt.

The sourdough was probably the best sourdough bread I’ve had. Ever. It was spread with olive oil rather than the usual butter, which was a pleasant surprise. It was very light and airy and I could have eaten the entire loaf if that’s what was presented to me.

The whole meal was perfect.

Of course when you’re around me and a camera, you don’t stand a chance – so here’s some more pics I took (and forced Baby into taking of me) 😁

(there was no forcing this babe into taking pics though – she was ready and waiting)

Until next time folks!