Nov 6, 2017


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As you may have already heard I got pretty classy last month. Well classy, but nerdy at the same time. Would you expect anything less from me?

I’ve sort of started this tradition where I surprise Señor Neeck’s birthday. Last year for example I planned a trip to Medieval Times in Lyndhurst, NJ. For those of you who don’t know, Medieval Times is a place where hundreds of people sit around a giant pit and watch a drama-filled joust.

I usually start planning the surprises months in advance, but this year I was having trouble thinking of an idea to top last years’. While googling things about Lord of the Rings I happened upon an ad for The New York Philharmonic performing some of the Star Wars movies in concert.

I knew right then and there this was it, so I splurged on some first tier box seats for us and told the Señor to save the date for his birthday surprise.

Of course from that point on he made it his mission in life to find out what the surprise was (a normal reaction for him when it comes to surprises). Since I didn’t tell anyone what I planned though he couldn’t squeeze it out of anyone we know.

The show I chose was Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The performance was at Lincoln Center so we dressed up, and by that I mean dressed nicely, not dressed up in costume (there were a good amount of people that did that).

He kind of figured out what was going on when Darth Vader came out on the balcony above us.

Once we got inside we started with some champagne, naturally.

The seats were amazing. The balcony was even closer in person compared to the seating map I looked at online.

The New York Philharmonic actually doubled the size of their orchestra to about 80 people for all of these Star Wars performances. Once the show started and the iconic intro began, I immediately got goosebumps from how surreal it all was.

The entire performance was almost three hours and I can hands down say it was the most epic performance I’ve ever been to.

With yet another epic birthday surprise down I’m already wondering how I’m going to top myself this time…