Sep 28, 2017


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With summer coming to an end, that means warm weather and beach trips are going to be put on hold until next year. Well with this weather I’m not too sure – since it’s technically Fall as I’m writing this and it’s 90 degrees outside…

Regardless, this Labor Day I went to Jones Beach with some friends for our last beach trip of the summer.

This time I decided to take one of my younger sisters and her friends with me Р@shamylleestevez and @_araix.

These two are way cooler than I was at 17/18 and they both should be locked away.

(On Shamylle: Forever21 hat, Zara top, Brandy Melville pants)

Obviously I don’t go to the beach without having a photoshoot so here here’s me torturing Neeck into taking pics.

(my pants are Brandy Melville)

Once he had enough of that I took a break to swim (and take pictures). Of course since it’s Long Island the water was about 55 degrees I didn’t last too long.

(seen here in my Monday Swimwear bikini, naturally)

Back at the beach set up Mr. Tabooty was on the phone taking care of some very important business so I let him be.

After a little warming up back it was time for some yoga. So here’s a pic of me semi-showing off… for the camera : D

I also found a discarded and tipped over lifeguard chair so I got the men to put it upright and I climbed up top for my next shoot location.

Andddd when it was time to leave we loaded up the car in style; as if there’s any other way.