Aug 24, 2017


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I finally made it to the archway in SoHo that’s been driving bloggers crazy – NoMo SoHo.

For those of you that don’t know, NoMo SoHo is a trendy hotel in New York City who’s themes are nostalgia and modernism.

This popular spot has a fairy tale feel to it – covered in ivy and string lights. It’s no wonder why it attracts so many people.

The person being tortured behind the camera is my longtime friend Chrystal Marte. Since it’s in my nature to force people into taking pictures of me I got some fellow bloggers to snap some pics of Chrystal and I.

Besides the beautiful archway entrance, there’s outdoor patio seating to the left when you first walk in.

With the weather being so nice that night there was a healthy crowd to watch my photo shoot frenzy.

Continuing on into the hotel we made our way to our destination – NoMo Kitchen.

This trendy restaurant is everything you expect to find in SoHo and more. The decor is a mix between a green house and the Great Gatsby.

Chrystal and I started with some drinks while narrowing down our dinner/appetizer options.

We went with the Siroco and the NoMo Coco.

The Siroco is made with Citadelle gin, raspberries, lime, Salers Apéritif, sage, and orange bitters. They serve it in a rose gold metal martini glass which was super cool. I must say I’ve never seen that before.

The NoMo Coco is Kafir lime leaves and Oolong tea infused Yaguara Cachaça Thai coconut mix, lime, and Angostura Bitters.

We went with the tuna tartare as an appetizer. They mixed the tuna with avocado, Calabrian chili, and micro cilantro. It was absolutely divine. It was cool and spicy and perfect for the hot summer night we had.

For dinner Chrystal got the pappardelle pasta with bolognese sauce.

I went with the risotto which had corn, peppers, and chili powder. Definitely an interesting take on the dish.

This is definitely one of my new fav spots in the city. I highly recommend checking it out.

I’m sure I’ll be back soon myself. There were too many tasty looking things I’ve yet to try : )

Since I’m sure you’re dying to see the rest of the pictures from the photo shoot at the entrance, here they are.