Aug 23, 2017


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I was recently lucky enough to go on a private yacht and sail the Hudson River down the border of Manhattan.

Since I live outside of the city, I pass the skyline twice a day during my commute. Seeing it up close like that out on the water though is something else entirely.

Being so close to that view and taking it all in reminds you how majestic this city really is. You can’t help but feel small.

We left the harbor at Chelsea Piers just before sunset; catching the golden hour of sunlight hitting the city.

The Classic Harbor Line has a handful of boats and yachts that can be rented privately or to the public for tours.

There are trips throughout the year, which I had no idea about. There’s one for the Fall foliage, New Year’s Eve, and Valentine’s Day… I am definitely going to come back for one of those.

It was surprisingly choppy and chilly, but with some rosé to keep me warm I spent the whole time at the bow of the ship which was uncovered. Prime viewing [and picture taking] spot.

When we got closer to the Statue of Liberty I couldn’t help but feel grateful to be alive and living where and when I am.

Even with everything going on in the world this great monument stands as a reminder of what this great city has to offer – refuge, success, independence, love, and happiness.

After this little excursion I feel recharged in a way, ready to take on the world and accept the things I can’t change. I feel happy and at peace. Even though I didn’t go far this felt like a mini vacation for me. A vacation away from land… time to reflect and enjoy the company I was with; and for that I’m grateful.