Aug 19, 2017


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(As much as I wish I took this picture, it was taken by one of the event photographers – check out the rest on their Facebook page)

The weekend I waited months for has finally come. Though it went by way too soon, I did a good job documenting and of course I’m here to share.

Elements Music & Arts Festival was in Hunts Point in the Bronx this year. Right on the water with a beautiful view of the city skyline.

This year I luckily knew one of the performers who was able to get some free VIP tickets.

Dasha Akelin had her debut performance as a feature with music group Golden Pony.

Naturally she killed it on stage and brought the audience to life – the perfect way to start day one.

Dasha performed three songs – “Let Me Love You,” “Spark,” and her new unreleased single “Feel Like You’re Drowning.”

Since she started off with a popular cover, the entire audience was able to sing along with her.

Dasha did a great job of captivating the audience and bringing everyone together, which is what music festivals are all about.

Besides performances, Elements brings a lot of interactive art to the scene. I love this because it lets people appreciate things in a fun way.

My personal favorite was the space ship they created out of some sort of sedan. Sometimes it was driven through the festival grounds, and other times it was just parked. Of course I had to do a little photo shoot with it.

We actually got put on the official Elements Facebook page too. Guess we attracted more of a crowd than I realized.

My favorite performers were Chet Porter, Camelphat, and of course GRiZ.

GRiZ, as always, brought the funk.. and the crowd. After seeing him multiple times and usually being in the thick of the dance floor, I did not mind being in VIP. We had a perfect view of him rockin’ out with his sax, plus room to dance.

(Picture credit goes to the Elements photo crew. 100%).

And here are just some more pics from the weekend…

(Photo from the Elements Facebook page)

(Photo from the Elements Facebook page)