Aug 12, 2017


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Nyack in the summer is one of my favorite places. If you’ve never been, you should definitely add it to your summer bucket list.

For those of you who don’t know, Nyack is known for its art and culture and is located on the Hudson River. It’s mostly a walking town and there are tons of bars, restaurants, and shops welcoming new and old alike.

During the summer months there’s a lot of outdoor festivities that go on. One in particular is the street fair.

It features hundreds of businesses ranging from Italian bakeries to wood whittlers.

This year was my first time going and I am definitely going again.

They’re about once a month. The last two for the year are September 10th and October 8th.

These vendors who get picked to be at the street fair are all unique and intriguing. Two that stuck out to me in particular were a soap stand and a root beer stand.

The soap stand specializes in making soaps that are all natural, but also making them aesthetically pleasing. Some soaps had marble designs to them, while others looked like sweets and treats.

The root beer stand was very enticing. The drinks were all in barrels that had taps on them so you could fill your glass up yourself. There were seven different types and they were all very unique. (The Sarsaparilla Six Shooter being my favorite just by its name alone).

I had to stop at almost every food stand (naturally). Since I was with a group of friends, this worked out perfectly because we each got different things and I of course tested it all for poison first : )

(the señor himself pictured left, Bryan Farm pictured right)

And of course I loved all the jewelry stands, but I couldn’t torture the guys into coming with me to look at those. Luckily I had my friend Dasha who was more than happy to do so.

I mainly love the community feel that the Nyack street fair has. It brings all sorts of people together to share and enjoy the special niches people have. And the range of vendors is spectacular. From Polish meat stands to Jamaican cuisine there’s so much room for discovering new things.

Definitely recommend going to the next one to experience everything for yourself.

And since I didn’t get to try every food stand you can expect to see me there : P