Jul 11, 2017


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If you’re like me and work in an office Monday-Friday, your tan game is not strong.

That doesn’t stop me from getting a nice glow all summer (and winter) long. I’m here to share with you my secret to sun-kissed skin all year round.

St. Tropez’s self-tan products have helped me achieve a healthy glow despite the lack of sun.

The main two products I’ve been using are the Express Face Masks and the Gradual Tan Tinted Body Lotion.

The face masks are perfect for keeping a tan going well past that last beach trip. The fact that you determine how tan to be is amazing, yet also dangerous. Definitely recommend starting with 5-8 mins if you do not already have a tan. Also important to note – after you remove the face mask make sure to rub in the serum and blend around the eyes, hairline, and neck to even everything out.

The Gradual Tan Lotion I use all over and once a day. I make sure to use a generous amount and not rub it in too hard. Washing your hands after is key. Also make sure your skin completely absorbs the lotion before dressing.

These self-tanning products also help maintain what you already have for longer. Plus most of the products come in different shades. The Gradual Tan pictured above is what I started out with this summer, but after a few beach getaways I’ll probably have to go a shade darker.

Definitely check out the St. Tropez line and let me know what you think ; )