Jun 1, 2017


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Memorial Day Weekend is one of my favorite holidays because it’s the kick-off to summer.

This long weekend is always filled with friends, family, and BBQs.

This year my friends and I took a little beach trip to Long Beach Island. Luckily one of our friends has a house just down the block from the beach.

The weather ended up being beautiful so of course we spent our days at the beach and our nights outside.

I found myself in awe of this cute little island just down the end of the Parkway.

Everyone seemed to be without a care in the world. Whether it be riding bikes to Wawa or grilling with neighbors, everyone was happy.

It’s so important to have these type of weekends in your life. Everyone deserves to relax and let loose with friends. It helps you unwind and makes the work weeks bearable. At least that’s how it is for me.

I definitely made sure to achieve the highest level of fun mixed with relaxation.

I started my mornings off with some yoga on the rooftop deck overlooking the bay naturally.

After that I had breakfast with everyone. (This was always some variation of eggs, bacon, fruity, and pancakes).

Then we all head out to the beach to spend the afternoon there. Of course I had my photo shoots there and tortured everyone into taking pictures of me.

(pictured here in Monday Swimwear’s St. Barth’s bikini and bae’s vintage button down)

After tiring myself out of getting my picture taken I would then torture everyone else and take their pictures.

When we eventually went back to the house to eat it was family style everything from burgers and dogs to pulled pork and wings.

Did you know eating dinner outside together on a deck overlooking the bay is the perfect way to catch a sunset?

Oh you didn’t know? Here I’ll show you what I mean…

Besides family dinners and romantic sunsets we also played some wiffle ball (my team destroyed. Naturally).

We also went out one night in the town, which ended up being really fun considering we were at a townie bar.

Everything about this trip was just great. I really can’t wait to do it again. Maybe next time incorporate some other activities like jet skiing.

Until then here are some more pictures from the trip: