Mar 10, 2017


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One of my go-to styles is anything 60’s. Whether it be a groovy pair of pants, or a crochet top, I can dig it.

As I’m writing this I’m listening to The Doors and imagining I’m back in 1967 at some Venice Beach dive bar watching Jim Morrison and the rest of the band perform.

These pants are one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe. They literally go with any outfit.

In the summer I pair them with a cute halter top or band t-shirt; and in the winter I throw on some sort of sweater and a coat and I’m groovy, baby.

The coat I’m wearing is from Brandy Melville, naturally, but unfortunately they don’t make it anymore. I remember when I bought in Boston they told me it was the last one and someone had just returned it. It was fate.

Sunglasses are Urban Outfitters. I wear them so much I completely forget about the seven other pairs of sunglasses I own.

My hat is from Forever 21, but unfortunately they don’t have it anymore. This may actually be for the better because whenever I wear it I get mistaken for Nintendo’s Mario quite a bit.