Jan 28, 2017


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Miss Dior fragrance

Greetings Funky Fans!

Want a perfume that makes you smell delicious and delectable, but not sure which one is right for you? Have no fear! I am here to help, as always.


Personally, I find a scent I like and stick to it for at least a year.

It becomes my scent. My Love Potion Number 9 (for those of you who have never seen this movie, I highly recommend doing so right after you finish reading my post).

Now, my scent of 2017 is Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet.  Last year it was Marc Jacobs Eau So Fresh.


First up, Miss Dior

The entire Miss Dior line of perfumes are all delightful, but Blooming Bouquet takes the win in my book for being just heavenly.

The fact that Dior  chose Natalie Portman for the face of this line is absolutely perfect. She is Miss Dior and Natalie is everything this scent represents.

When I put on this perfume I feel like Natalie Portman.

I feel like my life is in black and white and I live in a mansion in the south of France and all I wear is fine silk and I’m loved by many, but forever lonely, but life is good because I live in France and I smell amazing.

This perfume says “I’m not a whore, but I’m not a virgin either.” Yes I just ripped off White Girls, but isn’t that how we all want to come off? No? Just me? Okay then.


Moving on… Marc Jacobs

Another perfume I am quite fond of (that I trust you will be to) is, as I mentioned earlier, Marc Jacobs Eau So Fresh.

This one will make you feel like you’re running naked through a field of the gentlest flowers on earth (gentle in touch and smell because some flowers can be much).

I also love that this perfume comes in a rollerball version because it’s the perfect size to carry with you anywhere when you’re in need of freshening up.

This perfume is great for girls in their young twenties who want to give off the vibe of “hey world, I’m young, hot, and on my way to success!”


Lastly, Versace

The final perfume I will be reviewing is Versace Bright Crystal .

Now this one definitely has a flowery smell to it, but it is not as gentle as the Marc Jacobs Eau So Fresh. It’s much more pungent and definitely good to wear to go out at night.

It definitely has a Versace feel to it, so good on them for that.

Think of this one as the strong and sassy one of the bunch. If I had to guess Kylie Jenner probably likes to wear this one… maybe because it’s Versace. #VersaceVersaceVersace

Miss Dior Fragrance