Jan 26, 2017

Thanks so much for visiting and hopefully bookmarking my new blog.

If you’re looking for some fresh new ideas on fashion, fitness, and just life itself you have come to the right place my friend.

Funky Head Blog is where you can find what’s trending right now (mainly in fashion, food, fitness, and beauty – all other areas did not make the cut sadly).


Let me start by introducing myself.

I am Funky Head AKA Thee Funky Head AKA Funky AKA Sam DePietri.

I’ve always loved entertaining people whether it be with jokes, pictures, or stories.

I already have an Instagram page where I can share my pictures (that I hope people think are entertaining in one way or another), but I feel like that just isn’t enough.


I want to share more and not just with close friends and family.

I want to inspire, entertain, and excite the masses! By the masses I mean people (mostly females, but males are not excluded) in their early to late twenties who are independent thinkers, creative, and have a good sense of humor.

I want people who share the same interests as me to be able to relate to my posts and feel connected.

I also allow for comments for feedback from readers, so feel welcome to respond to anything!


Think of Funky Head Blog as the hub for my other sites such as Twitter and Instagram.

I will be posting teasers to new posts on those platforms so when you see them come check the full thing out here!


Anyway, hope you enjoy and come back for more each week! Got a lot of fun stuff to come!